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About Us

Industria Textil S.A., was founded more than 43 years ago, with the purpose of providing high quality home textiles to our costumers.


Because we believe each one of us has the power to help clean the planet. We’ve developed Ecoyarn, which offers customers an upcycled yarn that saves water, energy, CO2 emissions and toxic chemicals. By using textile waste as a raw material we convert waste that is ready to go into landfill and incineration, into high value upcycled yarns.

About US
Who We Are

What we do

We convert textile waste into high value upcycled yarns.

What we offer

We offer optimum fiber blends & Ecoyarns to manufacture sustainable textile products


Sustainable products are a growing market in the US as customers become increasingly conscious of buying environmentally friendly products.


Our Ecoyarn is soft and absorbent due to the fiber opening process from recycling. No chemicals are used to deliver softness, absorbency and color, unlike other yarns in the market.

U.S Industry Facts

1. The textile industry is the 5th largest contributor of CO2 emissions.

2. Only in the US, there are 25 million metric tonnes of textile waste per year and 85% of this textile waste ends up in landfills.

3. By recycling 2 metric tonnes we are removing 1 million cars from the street (in terms of CO2 emissions)

4. The dyeing process generates over 57 billion pounds of toxic waste in rivers.

Our Added Value

No land use


Our reprocessed cotton requires no land use

No water


No water is used in the process of producing our yarn

No pesticides


We do not use pesticides for this process, no toxins are released to the environment

Social impact


Economical social impact by creating +1,100 indirect jobs through our supply chain of raw materials

Reduction of CO2


Our technology and methods reduce CO2 emissions in the process

Our Added Value
Our Process

Our Process

Overall reduction with
our process

3.3 pounds of CO2 per 1 pound of cotton fiber

Our process saves from planting virgin cotton

22,040 L of water per one pound of yarn

29,386 bottles of water


Our Products

logo amazonia - ecofabric-03.png

Overall reduction
with our process

3.3 pounds of CO2 per 1 pound of cotton fiber

Composition of

amazonia towel

made with our Ecoyarn, which is produced converting textile waste into raw material




Amazonia Fabrics

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